Countries That Have Zapped Hunting Practice

Hunting is one of the costliest sports that people play these days, Wonder why we are saying so? Hunting practices have gone extensive and as a result, a lot of animals and rare species are going extinct. There are a lot of things that we have to take into account. Though hunting is fun, it highly disturbs the functioning of nature and its balance. People simply do not know the impact the loss of a species can have on the ecosystem. Considering the massive ill-effects that hunting can have, few countries have gone stringent on hunting activities. Let’s take a look at this issue.

Countries that have gone close to banning:

Costa Rica:

Most of us love Costa Rica for its evergreen appearance and the beauty it adds to the whole world. It is also hailed as the greenest countries in the world. Costa Rica for obvious reasons won’t be green if that is going to let people swindle its animal strength. You think killing and hunting animals is not deforestation? It is deforestation as well. So the government of Costa Rica has decided to make the hunting laws more stringent than they were before and they have decided to save the better for the future generation.

South Africa:


Two major countries of continental Africa have gone close to banning the act and talks are in process. As long as the major part of the world recognises this as a permissible activities countries will find it hard to ban them completely. Coming back, the countries that have banned hunting in Africa are Zambia and Botswana.

Zambia that is largely celebrated as a great tourist spot has come up with this drastic step to help people better enjoy nature. Zambia is known for the lions that they have. Wildlife is the best part of Zambia. According to the recent reports, it has come to the notice of the government that Zambia is losing its wildlife as a result of hunting activities of the people. It has completely banned the hunting of lions and leopards.

On a similar note, Botswana is also a place with a lot of tourists pouring in. They do not want to lose the revenue that they are making as a part of tourism, and because of that, they have made a firm decision to stop hunting activities to a great extent.

What’s the controversy here?

Though the countries have taken an appreciable step, they were also slammed by a lot of people for the decisions. The reason behind this opposition is that governments make a lot of revenue through hunting. Apart from the government, a lot of other sectors make money through such hunting activities. Bringing hunting to an immediate stop can bring them to making a lot of loss. This also makes sense, and it is expected that the countries will hold back their decision or at least ease the law.