Different Hunting Techniques Used By Hunters

Hunting is one of the predominant fun activities that are also recognised as sports activities these days. One of the few things that man still hasn’t given up since the day of creation is the act of hunting. Hunting was a skill that was developed in the early days to protect man from the danger of the lurking animals in the woods and to meet their food requirements as man lived a wandering and shelter-less life.

We are not sure as to the different techniques that people used in the yesteryears. However, with the development of a lot of hunting tools and gear, people have learnt to adopt different techniques, and here we have listed a few for you.

Hunting techniques:

Riffle hunting:

Needless to say, rifle hunting is the predominant technique used these days. With the advent of guns, if there is one way even a commoner can hold a gun, then it is as a benefit of hunting. However, not all can become rifle hunters. One has to get adequate practice to hand the rifle and take a perfect aim. Of course, you are going to waste a lot of bullets before you get your aim right, but still, riffle hunting is fun.

Bow Hunting:


This is the traditional method of hunting that is prevalent, and it is the primal nature of the sport. This is one of the primitive methods, and this is how hunting began. Riffle hunting sounds more technical and needs a lot of practice. Is that what you think? Bow hunting is equally difficult. In case if you ask me which among the two needs a lot of practice, I would always say it is the primitive bow and arrow method of hunting. This is because the chances of you hitting the spot are slim here.

Decoy hunting:

The decoy method of hunting is only used when you are hunting a selected list of animals or birds. This method is predominantly used for catching the waterfowl. In this method, the hunter chooses the animal that he is about to hunt and sets a similar animal among the prey to attract the other animals or birds. The animal that is set as the bait is called the decoy.

Blinds and Hides:

In case if your target is a swift-moving animal and if you are a hunter with a lot of patience then you can probably use this method to end your game successfully. In blinds and hides, hunters spend a lot of money set traps and also adopt camouflage techniques in order to catch the animal. This is the process of using this hides technique. Hunter needs a lot of practice as well as patience.

Tracking and trapping:

You don’t set a trap and wait here. Instead, you keep moving behind the target unlike what you do in the other methods. It is possible to incorporate this method with the bow and arrow method of hunting as that is quite easier than the rifle method.