Simple Steps for Creating Your Own Container Garden

People that have never had a garden before, or that have very little experience, can still do very well with container gardening. There are many advantages to this type of gardening, as it does not require much space and you can set up a container garden on your porch, roof or even in your apartment or basement. The strategies presented in this article will help anyone, novice or expert, start their own container garden today.

The Basics

To start with you will need to determine the style of container that would fit in best with your conditions. Of the many, many containers available for your container garden; you could use buckets, old shoes, and tin cans, just to name a few. When you pick wood containers for your garden; it is best not to use chemically treated wood and realize that this material will deteriorate over the years. To avoid standing water in the container; it will be necessary to put holes in the bottom of the container. Also consider the color of the container you use because dark colors tend to soak in too much heat for a healthy plant; so lighter colors would work better for you. The sizes of your containers will hinge on the size of the plants you will be putting in them. It is critical that you provide whatever type of vegetation you decide to grow, adequate growing space.

Plants to Choose

Your plants will thrive indoors in a container garden as well. This kind of garden will fit right in with those who do not have adequate room outside their home; or have plenty of room inside their home. A patio or balcony will suffice as well for your outside plants; however, you can put plants indoors and they will still flourish.

Your plants require a certain amount of light; if you are unable to supply that with natural sunlight, you can use grow lights instead. Herbs do very well inside and if you place them in or near your kitchen; you will have them close at hand. There are many different vegetables that will also do well indoors; like salad veggies.

Container gardening is very popular because it has a wide variety of techniques that suit the personalities and needs of others. One method is to simply have a separate pot or container for each plant. This is the simplest approach, and this way you avoid the issue of compatibility. However, it can be nice to have large containers that have several types of plants, vegetables or flowers. In this case, you have to make sure that all of the plants are compatible and have similar requirements. You can’t have, for example, a plant that needs lots of water next to a cactus or other plant that needs much less water. Plants that naturally invade quite a bit of space should never be planted next to those that require isolation.

The advantages of container gardening are many, and you are able to successfully plant and grow just about anything you would like. When you container garden, you have the ability to create your plants surroundings because you can move them to the areas where they are best suited. With the aspects we have provided you in this article, you should be prepared for putting in your own container garden with good solid ideas and you will soon understand that it is not as overwhelming as it might have seemed.