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Call or Email Us For more information on custom hunting trips now! If you want to get out there and hunt, we fully support you in doing that. We think that as long as you’re using as much of the animal as possible and not just hunting to kill, that’s an amazing thing! In a lot of areas animals like wild boars and deer can cause drastic damage to crops and food sources. These pets animals need to be hunted sometimes.

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Duck and Chukar Hunts

Of all of the different animals that you can hunt around here, ducks are probably the most difficult to get the hang of and do successfully. We can help you do it the right way, and be safe in doing that. When it comes to duck hunting, staying low and quite is key. Ducks will fly away at the first sign any danger could be present, so your goal is to get as close up to them as you possibly can. The actual act of shooting ducks themselves is quite tricky, hitting any moving target way up in the air is tricky. ALWAYS be mindful of what direction you’re shooting in and where things are out that way, a lot of people don’t realize quite how far bullets and bb’s can go. NEVER shoot in the direction of other people, and don’t just unload your entire gun into a flock of birds. If you do hit any, you’ll probably cause too much damage to the meat itself to do anything with it. Bird hunting with dogs is a whole other game too. Never forget that bullets can easily go miles and miles away, again NEVER shoot in any direction that you THINK someone could be.

Bob White Quail

This breed can create quite an unsettling situation when you try to hunt them. You have to be careful with them. Quail seem to be a bit smarter than other birds. When you’re bird hunting, one of the hardest things to do is figure out where exactly your bird hit the ground at. That’s where dogs come in handy, they can track and retrieve any birds you shoot, meaning you won’t be wasting any game or wasting hours of your time just walking and searching. Most people that do bird hunt take dogs along with them, they just make it so you can actually focus on the hunt and not stress about being able to find your birds.

Trophy white tail

It’s hard to call yourself a successful trophy hunter if you’ve never taken a nice big white tail deer trophy. It’s a good way to determine if you really are one. It’s estimated that their are upwards of 30 million deer in the United States, and the majority of those being white tail with mule deer making up the rest. A big white tail can grow to upwards of 300 pounds and the number of points can truly get insane, up around 15 or 20. Millions of white tail are killed in the US every year to protect our crops, and it’s actually a big industry in itself. Some farmers are even able to get silencers and other weaponry to help them take out more deer. A big deer population can decimate a farm if left along long enough. It’s estimated that in perfect conditions the deer population can double every two years in the states, so you don’t really need to be concerned with over-hunting.

Guided Duck hunts

(morning or evening)
$200 per shooter

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No-Limit Duck Hunts

Shoot from blinds
For Training purposes, etc.
$150 Blind fee
$15 per duck – no limit on amount

Family Time

Cross Creek Shooting Preserve is a great place to bring the family and get in some quality hunting. Hunting is a great family activity, even if someone isn’t too into the shooting of animals, it offers a great chance to just enjoy one another’s company and the great outdoors. Nothing quite brings people together like being outside together. A hunting trip can be a great getaway vacation for any family, it’s worth a try!

Great Location

Our hunts, locations and facilities are constructed with the handicapped and elderly in mind. We make it easy for anyone to have a great time!

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We want to make your hunting experience the thrill of a lifetime!

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